Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand

Premier Blackjack Multi-HandImagine playing blackjack in a real casino environment. A piano plays soothing lounge music in the background as players chatter quietly. You sit at the perfectly maintained table and revel in the luxury of your surroundings. If all of that sounds good then you will love Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand, because it really does deliver that kind of experience in an online format – right down to the piano music.

Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand uses two decks of playing cards and allows you to play anything from one to five hands at the same time. Standard Blackjack rules apply, so you will be paid odds of 3:2 for a Blackjack and odds of 1:1 for any other winning hand. The Dealer must stand on 17 and you can Split once per hand, including Aces.

Superb Game Presentation

You place your bets by selecting the denomination of chip that you want to use and then placing one or more chips on as many hand positions as you want to bet on. The Blackjack game is then played in the usual manner. As we implied earlier, the presentation of this game is superb, with every aspect of the Blackjack environment rendered perfectly. The dealing of the cards is fully animated and the hands are called by a pleasant sounding lady so that there is no room for ambiguity.

A Rebet button allows you to place the same bets as you did previously without having to position your chips on each hand separately, and this comes in very useful when you are playing multiple hands at the same time. There is also a Rebet x2 button which allows you to double your previous bets, which is just as useful for those who like to double up after a loser.

Watch Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand in Play

For a demo of Premier Blackjack Multi-hand in play simply click the video below.

An Authentic Online Blackjack Game

We could continue raving about this game for hours, but as you will have gathered by now, Premier Blackjack Multi-Hand is a truly authentic online blackjack game which is more than good enough to speak for itself. Enjoy!

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