Who is Olorra Management Limited?

Lottery Games works alongside secure internet transaction processing expert Olorra Management Limited. This affiliation ensures you receive the very best service when it comes to protecting your money online.

When making a deposit on Lottery Games, you may notice transactions on your credit/debit card to Olorra Management Limited. While it is natural to be concerned when seeing an unknown recipient on your banking statement, do not be alarmed, as this company is used by Lottery Games in order to process a number of payments.

Occasionally, you may notice payments being made to companies of a similar name, all of which are part of the same organisation. These names include:

  • Olorra Management Limited
  • Olorra Management
  • Olorra Limited CASHOO.EU
  • ProgressPlay Limited

The titles above may sometimes appear together with the name of a city. This is because Olorra Management Limited has a number of banking system gateways around the globe.

If you have any concerns regarding payments to Lottery Games, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.